L for Lavender #AtoZChallenge


Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

lL is for Lavender

Oooh, lavender!  I adore lavender.  Mummy has some bushes growing in the corner of one of the vegetable patches, and when are runs are next to it during the summer I try to sneak some pieces off and eat them.  She doesn’t seem to mind, she says something about pruning doing them good.

Sometimes she uses pieces of lavender in things, and gives us a little with our breakfast, or as a treat.  She sometimes decorates summer birthday cakes with it, too.



9 thoughts on “L for Lavender #AtoZChallenge

  1. Arlee Bird

    Took a drive out to Joshua Tree National Park last week and at some point during the day I remember seeing patch of lavender. I know that’s what it was because there was a sign saying so, but I can’t recall why they had the sign there. I guess it was so people like me would know what it was.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  2. I never realized you could eat lavender, Kevin. I love the smell. My Mom used to grow it and send me some to put in my clothes. Now I have given my husband his marching orders to plant it in our garden in large amounts!


    1. Ooh, that’s very kind of you Ms Katherine. We met some blogging horses one year. Maybe they are still in our links. I must ask Mummy how to do links so I can put you in them too.


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