Neville gets a haircut and I get…

Way-aye there, Roscoe back again. I’ve a little mystery for you today. I thought I’d hold back on what happened to me till later. Keep you in suspense, like.

First off, though: did you like our pictures for Guinea Pig Appreciation Day? Mam took us out onto the little table and got us to cuddle together for a group photo. I was more interested in the baby tree behind us, but Mam turned me round, then Neville got round the wrong way, and by the time he’s turned back, Biggles was wandering off. He went out first so he got a bit bored.

Mam was very pleased with our picture, though. Here it is again.

No, not that one, the proper one!

Right, there you are. She also took individual ones of each of us. So I can show you what happened to Nev on Saturday. The first picture was on GPAD, the second on Saturday. Spot the difference.

There you go, Sorry Auntie Tori… Nev had half his hair cut off! Cut shorter, that is, not his front half cut and the back half left long, that would look silly, What? Dylan wouldn’t let Mam cut his back half? I can’t imagine how awful that would look!

So, Nev’s looking right bonnie with his new hairstyle.

And what happened to me? Well, I was sitting there, minding my own business, feeling a bit funny, it’s true, so I‘d fluffed my coat up a bit, and Mam picks me up and takes me through to the kitchen for a check-up. And the next thing I know, I’m wrapped in a straight jacket, lying on my back, struggling to get rid of the horrid things in my mouth. And there’s this bright light on me, and Mam’s eyes are huge, looking at my mouth. Well!

It didn’t last long though, and Mam gave me a close cuddle and told me I was a good boy, and it wasn’t my teeth, and she gave me a little drink of something to make me feel better.

And after that, a wee while later, we went out in the garden, and I was feeling a lot better.

So I hope you’re feeling good, and I’ll see you next week.


Roscoe xxx

4 thoughts on “Neville gets a haircut and I get…

  1. Carol Gilbert

    Love Nevs new hair cut! He doesn’t look so grumpy. Sounds like you all had an interesting day. And glad your mam spoils you all. By the way what a handsome portrait of you all.

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  2. Love the picture! It came out amazing. Of course, the three handsome boys definitely had something to do with it. Both Nev’s before and after pictures are super cute too!

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  3. Hi Roscoe. Sorry I’m late in here, but our internet thingy didn’t work.

    Anyway, hope Neville feels better for his haircut. If it’s as warm with you as it has been with us, I’m sure he was glad to have gotten a haircut when he did. Oh, and Mummy says thank you for remembering to tell her about what’s in the photo.

    That sounds awful what you had happen, but at least your teeth are fine, and you got a cuddle and special drink out of it.

    Squeak soon, Mollie


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