Nothing wrong here, thank you

Hello, Ludo here again.

Victor and I went to see Dr Rebekah last week.

I know Mummy has worked out I have sore joints, because she gives me the lovely Joint Support Biscuit, which is delicious, and takes the pain away. But she also found that when she pressed my right stifle joint, I reacted strongly. It hurt. So she told me I’d better go to see Dr Rebekah to work out what was going on.

And apparently Victor gets a sore back as well, but she says he’s too young for joint support, it must be something else. So Victor went too.

Well, Victor sat on Dr Rebekah’s table and she pressed him all over his back and he was saying ‘ow,ow,ow,’ and trying to escape up Mummy’s front. She said, ‘good boy, it’s all right, it’ll soon be over,’ but it seemed to go on for ages. And Dr Rebekah discussed his back and the metacam and said he’d better have an xray to see what was going on.

So then it was my turn. I sat there, stoically, showing I didn’t care and I was fine. I wasn’t having an xray however much it hurt. And Dr Rebekah said I seemed okay, although I was overweight. Mummy looked up her book and said I’d put on a lot since the start of September, which of course was when we went on holiday, and now the builders aren’t making so much noise so I’m not so worried all the time. But she pointed out the trouble I had with my stifle, and Dr Rebekah felt me again, and I made sure I didn’t flinch or twitch or anything, and just put up with it. So she said to put me on metacam anyway, and see how I go.

Well, that’s a relief. No xray for me. Just some yummy metacam. And no carrots 😦

Victor’s having his xray (that’s the see-through picture) on Wednesday. And Mummy will stay there until it’s done and he can come home. She’s got some books to read, she said. And Dr Rebekah will send the picture to her so we can put it on the blog next week, I hope.

So there’s nothing wrong here, I’m fine, with a little help from my metacam, and so is Victor, really. He just shouldn’t be hurting when he’s this young. And it doesn’t hurt when he’s taking his metacam, so we’re all fine. Except Dr Rebekah who’s got an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI, not to be confused with UTI which is what I had earlier in the year). I think she needs a course of Sulfatrim, but apparently she’s already on something else.

Till next time



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  1. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry you’re both hurting. Glad you have a good vet and your Mummy to make sure you have what you need. The Lilie dog has Metacam every day now for her legs. Some days they still hurt her a bit anyway, but mostly she does alright as long as she gets her Metacam.


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