B is for Birthdays #A2Zchallenge22

Hello! Biggles here again, welcoming you to George’s Guinea Pig World and our A to Z of Favourite Things.

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter


One of my favourite things is our Birthdays!

Some guinea pigs have birthdays, and some don’t. That’s because nobody knew when they were born, when they arrived in the Rescue. We all come from Rescues one way or another, although my brother Bertie and I were born to a rescued mother-to-be before Auntie Sophie actually restarted the rescue she runs now. That’s East Anglia Guinea Pig Rescue, in Suffolk.

Ludo and Locksley aren’t here to blog about Birthdays – they don’t have one, although Mummy worked out Locksley had to be born around 12th August, so she’s given him that. But I do. It’s 7th February.

When we have a birthday party, everyone’s invited. I used to have to share my birthday with my brother Bertie, but he died suddenly, a couple of years ago, during Lockdown. Here are some pictures from past birthday parties – mine (and Bertie’s), Locksley’s, Kevin’s, Midge’s (I knew Midge), Colman, who got to age 8, Dylan and Dougall, Victor, and Fred and George.

The cake is usually made from mashed up pellets, with some added herbs, and cucumber slices to decorate. The stick things are for decoration, and every year there’s one more stick. Sometimes Mummy does decorated cucumber for a change. I think Kevin got strawberries on his.

Do you have a birthday? How do you celebrate it?

see you next time

Biggles xxx

14 thoughts on “B is for Birthdays #A2Zchallenge22

    1. Biggles

      Thank you for visiting us, Tasha. Um… Mummy says chocolate is poisonous for us…and dogs. But she likes it, so I guess it’s good for humans 🙂


  1. Victoria Zigler

    I have a birthday. IT’s October 12th. I usually get a special nibbles for my birthday. I turned six on my last birthday.

    Both the Lilie dog and the Logan dog have birthdays too. Lilie’s is March 26th, and Logan’s is April 14th. Lilie just turned five, and Logan will be three when he has his birthday in a couple of weeks.

    Mummy says Artemis doesn’t have a birthday, because tortoises have hatchdays instead. But Artemis’ hatchday is September 6th.

    Squeak soon,


    1. Biggles

      Oh, Mollie! Thankyou for telling me your birthday. I’ll ask Mummy to put it in a reminder place for us. Happy birthday to Lilie (it’s only a week ago so I’m not too late, am I?) and hopefully I can wish Logan a birthday in a couple of weeks time.
      Mummy has sown tortoise food on the grass in the garden. She reckons it’ll be nice for us, too. I’ll check it out for Artemis and report when it grows big enough to eat 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Victoria Zigler

        You’re not too late. Lilie only posted about her birthday on the blog yesterday after all. Plus, I don’t think she minds her birthday attention lasting longer… She loves attention. Squeak soon, Mollie

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Birthdays are the best, and although those birthday cakes look yummy for you all, I’m not sure how I would like them! I am so old I don’t celebrate a birthday if I can help it! I love seeing your parties though!


    1. Biggles

      Mummy doesn’t eat ours, so I don’t think you’d like it, Auntie Noelle. Would you like some of Mummy’s and Tasha’s chocolate cake?


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