Green and wet

Hello, Biggles here.

The grass is quite green, and we’ve been out on it several times this week. But then it gets wet. Then we can’t go out.

On one day (the day Mummy went out in the evening), there was a thunderstorm which made her late. She didn’t want to go out and leave us while it was overhead. I was glad she stayed with us. And she said she was still early for what she went to. She hasn’t got used to Hampshire distances yet. They are much shorter then Norfolk ones.

It was a very loud thunderstorm. It flashed very loudly at one point. Mostly it flashes then thunders later. This time it flashed and banged at the same time. Mummy was standing with us, and I’m sure she jumped in the air. It wasn’t a popcorn type jump, either.

Mummy keeps checking her small computer because it tells her what weather’s coming. She’s cross with it because they keep changing their minds. One thing she’s waiting for is a week of dry weather so she can make some more hay.

grass turning into hay

Yesterday she put the hay that had been drying in the summerhouse into a box for later in the year. First she dries it out in the sun on the grass (well, on a cloth on the grass) for a whole week. Then she puts it on a rack in the summer house for it to finish drying in there. And then she boxes it. She brought us in a few pieces which had escaped from the box. They were yummy. I’m looking forward to more of that.

I hope she can make some more this month.

Locksley with Neville after Nev’s bath and haircut

The only other thing that happened this week is that Neville had a haircut and a bath. Mummy dabbed some of his shampoo on Locksley’s nose so he wasn’t confused by the change of Neville’s smell. He was just completely confused after that.

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See you next week,



3 thoughts on “Green and wet

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad your Mummy was there with you during the storm. It sounds like it was a big one. My Mummy gets cross at the things she checks weather on if they keep changing their minds too. Hope you get some dry weather so your Mummy can make more hay.

    The shampoo thing must have been pretty strange to Locksley. Good idea your Mummy had making sure the change in Neville’s smell wouldn’t be a problem though.

    Squeak soon,


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