It hardly ever stops raining

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

We had all that hot weather in the spring, and it seems for the last five weeks it hasn’t stopped raining. Mam’s been worried about the summerhouse roof which had some damp patches, and the men came to fix it in September, and then it hasn’t stopped raining since, until yesterday, for about an hour.

But the roof isn’t fixed properly and Mam called the fixers back to look at it and tell her what they were going to do to make it right. It’s even worse than before they fixed it, and our hay that’s stored in there is getting a bit damp. Mam noticed, of course, and brought it in to the spare room yesterday, and it’s drier already.

Ludo got a right shock when Mam and the fixing man were outside his window at floor time. He shot round the floor run then jumped clean over it and went and hid in among the tents. We all stood and stared at him, not realising what his problem was. I think Mam saw him, because she came in very quickly afterwards and rescued him, and soothed him, before going back outside (in the rain).

Ludo doesn’t seem to be settling very well. He’s okay on Mam’s lap, and when he’s on the floor and Mam’s not here he’s fine. In fact, he relaxes a bit when Mam isn’t here. But if she comes in, or comes close to his run, he hides.

Locksley’s okay. He’s grown into a proper guinea pig shape now. But he’s learning bad habits from Ludo. Like hiding instead of coming to be picked up. He sort of does half and half rt present. Hides in the far corner and makes out he’s scared, then lets himself be ushered to the corner nearest me, and then he picks up as easy as anything. But he’ll come forward for his cucumber now.

Mam says he’s doing fine, and Ludo will take as long as he needs. But I can’t see either of them coming up to the side of the cage for a head scratch any time soon. I think Ludo stares at me as if I’m mad when I do that, but I like it, and so does Mam.

Mam’s been a bit busy with her book. I think she needs to spend more time sitting by their run, reading or something, like she did a couple of weeks after they first came. They’ll get more used to her that way.

Ah, well, what do I know, I’m just a guinea pig.

Have a nice November.


Roscoe xxxxx

2 thoughts on “It hardly ever stops raining

  1. Hugs and rubs to you all Roscoe, I hope your two new companions cme around. It’s not good to have wet hay – bad bacteria and mold grow making it dangerous to eat. I do hope they fix that roof! Maybe your Mam can find a tarp to cover it? I do hope the sun comes out! It will do a good job drying out the hay.

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  2. Sorry about the roof. Glad your hay is safe, at least. I’m also sorry about Ludo still being so scared. I hope Locksley pays more attention to the way you’re behaving than the way Ludo is, since it would be a shame if he got all scared again. I also hope Ludo learns not to be so scared. I think you’re right she should sit near them and read or something more. Of course, being a human she’ll probably say she can’t because she has to work, or do chores, or whatever. Don’t know why they have to do those things, but it really gets in the way of us getting attention. You should yell at her until she gets the point… It works for the dogs with Mummy. Though it does result in her saying things like, “How do you expect me to write your stories when I’m playing with you?” or “Mummy really should be doing >insert task here<," so you'd have to put up with her doing that kind of thing if you did what the dogs do.

    Squeak soon,

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