Neville went to the vet

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

Yes, our Nev went to the vet yesterday. The local vet, to check his teeth, that is.

Mam says his back teeth definitely meet at the front because she can feel them. Nev says she put her finger in his mouth and he was so surprised he closed it. He hopes he didn’t hurt her. I think she’d have said something if you did, mate.

She said Ow.

Oh well, maybe you hurt her a little bit, but at least she knows where your teeth have got to.

Anyway, the vet looked at Nev’s mouth but said he had too much food in it. He hadn’t had anything for four hours and was starving! Maybe he ate some tasty poos in desperation. Mam talked to her about washing out techniques, but the vet was worried about things going down the wrong way, or something.

Anyway, we’re hoping to hear about going to another vet today, the one in Andover, because our local vet is happy to refer Neville to the expert there.

Not that Nev is in desperate need. He is managing very well with the new smaller pellets Mam is giving him (the ones baby Locksley needs). Mam’s also cutting his veg up nice and neat in sticks which are easy for him to eat. Easy for me too, so she’s given up and all our food comes served that way — ‘julienne’ is the technical term.

Nev was losing weight about two weeks ago, but he’s back to normal with the different pellets and food sticks.

Locksley is not back to normal – he’s nearly doubled in size! Ludo has also put on weight, and Mam says he’s feeling podgy. He may still do some growing, but she’s going to watch his food intake, all the same. He’s still as scared as ever, although Mam is very patient with him. He’s taking more time to look at us through the cage bars, though he still doesn’t say anything. I think he’s getting a bit more settled, though.

Mam says the fireworks season is nearly upon us. And judging from New Year, this area is very noisy with its fireworks. Sigh. People.

More news next week

Roscoe xxxxx

3 thoughts on “Neville went to the vet

  1. Glad Neville had his teeth looked at and is putting some of that weight back on now he’s got little pellets and food sticks to make it easier. Hope the “expert” can help even more. Though by the time Neville gets to see him (or her) you guys might be so used to the new way of doing the food that you all want her to keep doing your food like that.

    Glad Locksley is growing well, and Ludo is starting to get up the courage to watch you guys more… That’s a good sign.

    Mummy says she hopes for our sakes that avirus still not being totally gone means this firework season won’t be so bad. I’m crossing my paws she’s right, especially since the Logan dog is more scared of them than me, and gets real upset about them. Although, Mummy sings to us to make us feel better when the fireworks happen, so it’s not all bad if they do. I hope you guys don’t get lots this year though… Especially for Ludo’s sake, since he’s so scared as it is.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    We cut Augustus’ veg up into little pieces when he broke both of his front teeth off. I have no idea how he did that. Silly boy.

    I’m sure Nev’s tooth issues will get sorted out soon.

    Sending gentle hugs to shy Ludo, and big smooches to all!


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