There are two men talking to Mummy

Hello, Bertie here again.

There are two men talking to Mummy.  One started a couple of weeks ago, and he’s been talking to her every evening last week.  He might be reading her a story, because she’s listening to him very carefully.

The other man usually talks to her at weekends, and he says a lot of names and numbers.  She’s watching what he’s doing, but I don’t know what.  Although I did take this selfie of us, and you can see what she was looking at on the screen.  I don’t think that’s the man doing the talking.

Bertie selfie watching skijumping

It’s all very mysterious.

Another mystery has been solved!  I always wondered why we got our hat pictures taken around this time of year, and we saw this picture on Facebook.  Mummy helped me put it on our Facebook page.  Apparently the chubby cheeked big person is Santa Paws.  We wear our hats to show him we’ve been good all year and merit a Christmas present.

I’ve been good all year, Mummy, haven’t I? Mostly?

See you next time.


Bertie xxx

2 thoughts on “There are two men talking to Mummy

  1. The human caretakers have lots of people talking to them. Especially when the talking box thing they call a TV is on. Sometimes I pay attention, and other times I don’t… It depends if what they say sounds interesting to me.

    I’m told that Santa Paws guy comes around this time every year. At least, that’s what the human caretakers have been telling me since I was a little degu pup. I’ve never seen him though, even though he’s supposedly the reason the special sock Mummy made us years ago – which is big enough I could use it for a bed – gets filled with nibbles and gnawable toys. It’s all rather strange if you ask me. For the record though, I heard the Mummy human telling the dogs that trying counts in the whole being good thing. Apparently this Santa Paws guy is pretty nice, and brings you stuff anyhow if you’ve tried really hard to be good.

    Squeak soon,

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