Bertie Blogs B for Breakfast

Hello! I’m Bertie and I’m a guinea pig.

We’re blogging from A to Z once a week, because we have other important things to do, like have Breakfast.  We sometimes have Baths, too. We eat Broccoli and Beans, and sometimes Basil.  When Mummy’s bean plants are finished beaning , we get the leaves to eat, and they’re yummy.

Here are some pictures of things beginning with B, modelled by our world of guinea pigs.

I hope you like my photo-tour of the letter B

Next week Roscoe does C.


Bertie xxx

7 thoughts on “Bertie Blogs B for Breakfast

  1. Thanks for mentioning some B foods you eat! I never thought to give piggies the bean leaves! I see you like cuddle cups. Any of our piggies just pee in them.

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