We got new pellets this week

Hello, Bertie here.

It’s all Roscoe’s fault.  He had tummy ache last Sunday and then again on Thursday he was a bit quiet, so Mummy took him to the vet.  It was a new vet, Dr Helen, because Dr Sally was having a baby.  In fact it turned out that Dr Sally was having her baby right then, because Mummy saw the announcement and picture on Facebook later in the day.  The baby’s a very small girl, only just a bit bigger than me.

And Dr Helen said that was the only problem with Roscoe.  Roscoe was too fat.  And I weigh more than him, and Biggles weighs more than me, and Neville weighs more than all of us. Dr Helen suggested Roscoe had new low-fat pellets, called Excel DualCare, so we all had to have them.

Well, they tasted horrible to start with, but when you get used to them, they’re not bad.  And it’s better than having the tiny amount of Harrison’s pellets Mummy was giving us.  Mind you, she also gave us ProFibre, which is also low fat and high fibre, and I love that.  She first got it for Percy and Midge, and she used to give me just one for a treat.  Now I have a whole scoopful.  It’s a five mg scoop.  It’s not very big, but it’s better than just one.

Biggles doesn’t like the ProFibre, but apparently he finally finished his yesterday, since there was nothing else in his bowl for him to eat.  We also get yummy hay and ordinary hay, and lots of veggies for breakfast.  But we never see carrots any more, and rarely peppers, although Roscoe and Neville don’t like peppers.  I don’t know why.  I like them. So does Biggles.

But the good thing is, Mummy’s on a diet too and doesn’t eat bread or biscuits or anything like that any more.  That’s her equivalent of carrots.  But she can eat carrots, because they are good for her.

They’re good for me, too, Mummy.  Really.

I wish spring would come.  Then we could go outside and eat grass.

See you next time.

Bertie xxx

5 thoughts on “We got new pellets this week

  1. I’m glad there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with Roscoe. Sorry you had to have the new pellets, and can’t have lots of carrots. Even the Daddy human eats carrots around here, and he’s even more picky with his veg than the Lilie dog is. The Mummy human eats lots of carrots. She loves her veggies. Loves her biscuits and things a bit too much too though if you ask me. Anyway, I’m glad the new pellets aren’t too bad once you get used to them. Hey, at least having those kinds means you get more. More is good. Squeak soon, Joshua

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  2. I am happy to hear there was nothing seriously wrong with Roscoe, but Dr. Helen sounds like a tough guinea pig doctor who knows what’s good for you – and all that extra weight could be a problem. I’m glad you like the new food, but sorry about the no carrots and peppers. They have sugar in them, which would put the weight on you! They are OK for humans because they have a lot of fiber. I could never eat enough of them to get fat…Tell your Mum to hang in there with er diet. Winter is a bad time of year for putting on weight. I also can’t wait for spring.

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    No bread!? That’s tough. Give Mummy lots of encouragement, ok?

    I haven’t gotten Augustus on the scale lately, but he’s probably bigger than Neville. He certainly grew into his name.


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