Bangs, flashes, fizzes and sparkles

Way-aye, Roscoe here.  Our Bertie was fretting about something last week, so I told him to ask you about it.  Thank for your replies.  You were a great help.

The sun seems to be going in the right direction to me – it just had that one blip.  It always does that around this time of year, but then I’ve had more years than Bertie. I expect next year he’ll be happy as Larry about it.  I don’t know who Larry is, it’s just something they say about him.

This week it’s been very noisy in the night time.  Bangs, flashes, fizzes and sparkles. Bangs are noisy, some fizzes are noisy too, but the sparkles are generally just pretty.  One night we could see them out of our upper window, and they were very loud.  The bangs went on for ages. Bang. Bang. Bang.  Made the house shake too.  Mam was down with us, talking to us and telling us everything was okay, and the music was playing too, which was sorta soothing.  So we just took it as Mam said, and hid in our snuggle sacks and tunnels till it had all stopped.

Then next night they started early on the other side of the house, and stopped, then started again, then stopped.  Then it was quiet for a while till it started somewhere else.  Sounds like we’re surrounded.  I think it was like that where we grew up, but I can’t rightly remember now.  It was long ago and faraway.

Mam says there’ll be more tonight and we might have a few more but by next weekend it should be fine until New Year.  That’s less than two months to go.

Right.  Just so we’re warned.

Hope it’s all quiet where you are.



PS Mam brought in lots of raspberries from the garden.  She offered them to us, but I don’t trust them. Only Biggles ate them, but he’ll eat anything.  Mam made noises and tings for a while and then put the raspberries in some jars.  That’s why the photo is there with the ones of us.

2 thoughts on “Bangs, flashes, fizzes and sparkles

  1. We’ve got those things around here too. They happen a lot here. Not only this time of year either. We get them about every month or so. Sometimes more than that. The human caretakers say it’s because of something called “tourist events” that we get them so much. I don’t know what it’s all about, and the bangs and flashes scare me a bit when they’re close. But mostly I just ignore them, since I’m so used to them. Nothing bad has happened to me, so you should be fine. Although, the humans say it’s best for us little furries to stay inside when those things are happening, and even the little white Lilie dog isn’t allowed to go out when the bangs and flashes are going on.

    Squeak soon,
    Joshua the degu

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  2. Roscoe, you missed a huge treat. I LOVE raspberries. They’re delicious. About those bangs, flashes and fizzes – it’s just a way we two leggeds celebrate some historical events. They used to frighten my dog Angel – we got her a comfort coat which seemed to soothe her.


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