Even more leaves from the garden

Mam’s been giving us even more leaves from the garden!

These are called cucumber leaves, and bean stalks.  She said the plants were finished now, but we could have what we liked from the stalks and stems.  Although there were a couple more beans and there just might be another cucumber coming.

Then she was out for a few more days and told us it was too cold to go out in the evening now.  And there probably won’t be any more leaves if it gets colder at night.

It’s sunny in the day, though.  I hope it’s going to be warm enough for us to go out for a bit more grass this week.  Even half an hour will do.  Eh, Mam?


3 thoughts on “Even more leaves from the garden

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I think you’ll have some more warm days, boys.

    My boys get a little slice of cucumber every evening around 5:30. Augustus eats his immediately, while Digby saves his for late night.


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