My Grand Day Out

PercyPercy here. With lump.

Mummy took me out for the day in the car on Friday. We went a very long way, then we stopped for a short while and then Mummy came back and had a cup of coffee.  Then we went on to see Dr Simon in Northampton at the Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic (but they like guinea pigs too).  The was a cat in Reception when we arrived, and a rabbit came out of the vet’s room before we went in to see him.

Dr Simon was very nice. He gave me a cuddle, called me ‘sweetie’ and examined my lump and my teeth. He moved my bottom jaw around to see if I could line my incisors up, which I can, but it takes work, so I leave it a bit sideways if I’m not actually eating something.  He and Mummy talked about my lump while he did that.

Then he took me into another room and wrapped me up to give me a tooth checkover, just like Uncle Barry does.  He told me my teeth were good, he just had to smooth off the outsides of the top ones as a bit of a preventative.  Then we went back to Mummy and he told her what he had done.  Mummy asked lots of questions about eating and stuff.  She seemed content with his answers.  I went back into my box to rest again while they talked.

Then I came home again, and it was still a long way.  We stopped again.  Oh I forgot to say, I think Mummy has a friend in the car but I never saw her.  She started saying things to Mummy after the first stop, when we were on our way to Dr Simon.  Then she stopped talking when we got near Kings Lynn on the way home.  I ignored her at first, but then I discovered she mainly said odd things like “Enter the roundabout and take the second exit.”  When she said that the car would do one of those triple sways, so I started to get used to the warning and the sways. I don’t know where she went after Kings Lynn.  I don’t remember Mummy stopping again to let her out. I spent most of the journey underneath my bed, because that made the noise quieter.

Mummy’s giving me Metacam twice a day now, but otherwise nothing’s changed. Dr Simon told her that Metacam seems to have an inhibiting effect on sarcomas. I’m sure that’s what he said, because I was listening hard, in case Mummy didn’t remember.  But she obviously did because she gave me some Metacam as soon as I got home, along with another slice of cucumber.

I must admit, although I was tired after my day out, I felt good on Saturday.  Until the evening.  Then I started feeling really weird and my body starting twitching.  Mummy was worried about me, and took me out for a cuddle, which felt good and I relaxed, but then the twitching started again. It went on half the night, and I was very tired in the morning, but Mummy was pleased to see I was okay, sort of.  She thinks I might have had a funny turn, probably linked to my lump – which seems to have grown AGAIN.  He’s a picture of me on Sunday morning.  My lower jaw is even further over, and I’m drooping a bit.  That lump is getting heavy.

In fact, I’m not feeling too well this morning. I hope you’re okay today.

Update on Roscoe: he’s doing okay.  His scar is a bit swollen at each end, but Mummy’s treating it just like Dr Sally said. Otherwise he looks fine, and the hair’s growing back.

9 thoughts on “My Grand Day Out

  1. Auntie Dawn

    British traffic takes some getting used to for us Yanks. One time, before you were born, Uncle and I were in the car with Mummy. The roads seem very narrow to me, and I thought a truck going the other way was going to crash into us, so I screamed. Mummy was very polite about it, but I think she thought I was out of my mind.

    And there are roundabouts everywhere! How do people even remember which is which?

    Love you, P.


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    1. Percy

      This lady I couldn’t see told Mummy when the roundabouts were coming up. I don’t think Mummy thought you were out of your mind. I think she likes you a lot.


  2. Percy

    I had a long talk with Mummy today and I decided that I really fancy going to see Kevin across the Rainbow Bridge. My lump is so horrid, it interferes with wanting to eat anything, and now Mummy’s giving me baby food. I hate not having a proper working mouth. And it’s not going to get better.
    So I’m having a Farewell party on Thursday morning, and you can come if you like, although it’s at our house, not online. Then I’m going to see Dr Sally and she’ll help me find the way to the Bridge where Kevin and the others will be waiting.
    And some time in the future I’ll be waiting for Mummy when she comes over the Bridge too.
    Roscoe will look after you all. He’s a fun chap. You’ll be in good hands.
    love Percy xxx


    1. Now you’ve recovered from whatever upset you at the weekend, I think you’re fine to carry on with us, dearest. Just keep eating the carrot tops and other nice things I give you. ❤


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