Mummy’s going out again

I suppose I’ve got used to Mummy going out now.

When she comes in again we usually go out in the garden.  Not when the sky’s been making funny noises and dropping water everywhere. That happened yesterday when she was out.  She still seemed happy when she came back.

This morning she went out without giving us cuddles and cleaning again.  She did that Saturday, too.  She had to go to early golf, but she said she’d clean us out when she came back.  And we’d go out in the garden.  She was wearing her golf clothes both days.  I don’t know why she has to play so early she misses out on our cuddles.

Apparently Midge now weighs 1.68 kg.  That’s a new record for any pig in our house.  The previous record was held by Percy at 1.64.  Mummy’s going to take him to the vet tomorrow to make sure it’s only appetite, not something heavy growing in him.  She’s going to take Percy for his lump to be measured, and Oscar because he doesn’t weigh enough and his results should be through.  I don’t understand what that means, but apparently you do.  And she has to pick up lots of extra feeds for pigs with special dietary needs.  I guess you understand that, too.

I weigh over 1 kg now.  Biggles weighs more than me. We’re both quite big now, nearly as big as Oscar.

2 thoughts on “Mummy’s going out again

  1. Thanks for catching me up on everyone’s doings, Bertie. Sounds like you are missing some cuddles but that hasn’t impeded your appetites! I am still missing my feisty little dog – much like your Mum misses Kevin.

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy and her golf — what to say about that? It makes her happy, so you should humor her.

    Little Augustus is not so little anymore. I haven’t weighed him, but he looks almost as big as Truckasaurus, aka his big brother Digby.

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