Hello, I’m Bertie!

Hello.  This is my first post.  Percy is going through it to make it look good.  He says my spelling is atro… bad.  I’m only four months old.  I haven’t even been to school yet.

Percy says this IS school.

Oh.  Well, it’s a lot of fun.

Percy says it’s not fun for him.  I keep interrupting him.

Midge in the run

I like teasing Uncle Percy.  And Uncle Midge, but he’s more serious. He’s more likely to bop me on the nose.  I bopped him back once and he and Mummy told me off.

Uncle Percy just complains loudly.  Then Mummy turns round from this machine and asks him what’s wrong.  Then she tells me to behave.  I put on my angelic face and she turns away.

I like my uncles.  I like my Mummy too.  I don’t like my brother Biggles any more because he kept trying to attack me.  Now if I see him I try to get in first.  Mummy tries to make sure we don’t get in the same room together.

And then there’s Oscar.  Oscar’s funny.  I don’t know what to make of him.  Sometimes he seems really nice and then he growls at you and starts to snap.  I keep away from him.  I think that’s best.

I think it’s time for cucumber now, so I’ll go and get some.

Bye bye.


5 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Bertie!

  1. Well, hello Bertie! So nice to hear from you. You are one very cute boy – maybe I should say handsome. I’m glad to hear you are working well with Percy. He’s a good one!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    “I put on my angelic face and she turns away.”

    Ha ha. I know that tactic all too well. It was perfected by your late, great uncles Mariusz and Hugo.

    Be good and respect your uncles, Bertie. Love you.

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