The Last of the Jubilee Seven

Percy here.  Sorry I didn’t arrive last week.  It was all very busy and I forgot.  Not having Kevin around to keep an eye on things has unsettled us all a bit.

Mummy’s been sad because he was the last of the Jubilee Seven, as she called them: Hector, Humphrey, Victor, Dylan, Dougall, Colman and Kevin.

The Jubilee Seven

Before them there was the Fabulous Four: Fred, George, Hugo and Victor.

Victor was in both groups.  He joined Mummy in 2008 and was only about eight months old then, and lived till he was six years and four months. His anniversary is next Monday, although Mummy says we don’t have to do a memory post for that.  We mostly remember birthdays.  Although some people don’t have birthdays, so we find a special day for them somehow.  Mummy knows how, I don’t.  I have a ‘Gotcha’ Day, which was the day Mummy got me from the Adoption place.

Colman and Kevin had birthdays which were estimated, according to Mummy, because Auntie Kate had an idea of when they were born.  That’s how Colman got to have a seventh birthday cake, and he’s our oldest piggy so far.

I asked Mummy if all the Jubilee Seven have gone, what are we now, and she said “The Famous Five.”

That sounds good to me.

By the way, I have a lump on my chin and I’m having medicine for it every day.  Mummy says I might have to have tests done on it tomorrow.  But I’ll be in Dr Sally’s good hands.  She’s the best.  So I’ll be okay.

PS Do you like the dark colour scheme? It’s because were in mourning for Kevin, and will be for seven weeks. That takes us to the 27th June, which is the day before Mummy’s birthday.

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Jubilee Seven

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Percy – I can quite understand … with Kevin gone life is a little disorienting … take care and enjoy the rain and new grass we’ve been having … Cheers Hilary

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Each group was special in its own way. We mourn the end of each group and the loss of each pig, but look forward to new groups and new adventures.

    I sound petty wise today, eh, Perce? I talk a big game, but sometimes I miss my five departed boys so much that I break down. It’s really rough sometimes.

    Hope the lump goes away quickly. Love you.

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  3. Hi Percy – I am sure you are all a little discombobulated without Kevin there. He was a source of strength and continuity. i hope that lump is nothing, but you are in good care. I am going to Europe for three weeks in June but will be back right around of your Mum’s birthday. Bringing a computer so I can at least sample email.


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