Introducing our new Apprentice

Hello, Percy here.  I hope you’re not too tired after the A to Z Challenge.  Apparently we have to say what we thought of it next week, so I’ll be doing that too.

The big news here is that Kevin has decided to take a back seat from the blog and the Facebook page.  He says it’s time he retired and made way for a younger chap.  But he’ll be here for advice and counselling, and to help me mentor our new apprentice – Bertie!

As you can see, Bertie is much bigger than he was in the photo yesterday of him and me and the snuggle sack.  He’s nearly three months old now, and learning fast.

He’ll probably turn up on Facebook soon, and the blog occasionally.

2 thoughts on “Introducing our new Apprentice

  1. Welcome, Bertie! You sure are cute, Kudos to Kevin for his devotion to the blog, but you will be a good mentor, Percy, and I hope we will see Kevin from time to time. Hugs to all of you!


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