J for Joint Support #AtoZChallenge

img_3706Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

jJ for Joint Support tabs

Here I am with an empty bottle of my Joint Support tabs.  They are like mini-haycakes specially formulated for elderly companion animals. Despite that, they are really yummy.


Mummy’s been giving me one of these a day since I started being a little creaky in my joints.  I think it was after Colman moved on, and he was the first piggy to have them here.  It’s especially for something called Arthur-itis, which makes me feel a bit stiff.  When I take these, though, I feel really good, and I go up and down my ramp much more easily.  Actually I started finding it more difficult last year so Mummy put it on a box, which means I can go up onto the box and then the ramp is shallower.  And I still get my Joint Support tab after cuddle time each morning.

I wait for it when I get back in my run, and then stretch up to get it.  Mummy tried to get a photo of me standing up on my hind legs, but I sat down too quickly.  Even with the tabs I can’t do that for long these days.

Colman used to have his tab softened in some water for a few minutes before he ate it.  He used to do that with his pellets by himself – pellets, then water, then pellets, then water…  I thought he was silly, but after my front tooth broke last November (it grew back in a few days) Mummy started softening my tabs too.  they’re just as good – even more so, really, since they are easier to bite.

It says on the bottle

“Natural Science Joint Support is designed to support the joint health of your pet. Glucosamine supports cartilage health. Ginger root and turmeric support the body’s normal response to inflammation. Yucca is anti-oxidative and supports a normal anti-inflammatory in pets.”

I don’t know what it means, but after Colman started taking them, Mummy said maybe she should start taking them for her joints too.  The ones I have are for “Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and other small animals.”  I expect they do them for Mummies, too.

Kevin with Colman
Kevin (age 5) with Colman (age 7)

Tomorrow – the letter K.  Guess what that stands for!

6 thoughts on “J for Joint Support #AtoZChallenge

  1. It’s great that you can get something to help. We had to make modifications to our old rat, Yoda’s, cage as he got older as he began to suffer from something called Hind Leg Degeneration. Getting older is no fun.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan


    1. You’re absolutely right, Clicksclan. I used to tease Colman about getting old (he got to seven years old, and I’m only 6 months behind him now, and I want to beat him). But now I know I shouldn’t. He was a great friend and we had some fun times together.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    You know who else takes joint support? That’s right: your Crazy American Auntie! My knees are crap, probably from years of doing karate. I also wear compression bandages on them. I won’t be running up and down ramps any time soon.

    I’m glad Mummy found something to make you feel better.


    1. Oh, Hi Auntie (geriatric popcorn)! Well, if you take joint support no wonder Mummy says it’s good for us. Look after yourself, won’t you ❤
      love and kisses (and smooches)


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