Nothing happening

Mummy’s just woken me up to tell me Percy hasn’t posted today.

Well, he probably had nothing to talk about.

Neither have I, really.  Night night.

cue adorable picture of me eating my Christmas present.

Kevin checks his tasty sticks
Kevin checks his tasty sticks

Mummy says I could have said something to cheer Auntie Dawn up, because Willoughby went over the Bridge at this time last year.  Or was it the year before?  It’s a long time ago, anyway.  We miss Willoughby.  But Mummy’s written his book, and it’ll come out later this year – Willoughby the Narrator.

2 thoughts on “Nothing happening

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Just seeing your cute face is enough to cheer me up! I try not to think about these dates but rather focus on the happy memories. It’s so comforting to me that Willoughby lives in on Mummy’s stories. Willoughby is eternal.


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