Oscar has a fright!

We’ve been out in the garden most days last week, if Mummy wasn’t late from golf.  On Saturday though, she put us out when it finally looked like it was dry enough, and then a few minutes later Mummy said she was worried about the black cloud that had snuck up on us.

She went and fed the birds, then went behind our runs to pick the rest of the beans, and sure enough it started to rain.

Suddenly she fell into Oscar’s run, right into the middle of it, with a crash of the jars for putting the bird food in their feeder,  and Oscar shot around his cage trying to hide from the giant who had fallen from the sky.  It was only Mummy, but he was scared out of his wits, just running here and there.  Maybe she nearly fell on him, but I don’t think so.  Mummy was stuck, though.  She’d got her foot tangled in our wire fence.  There’s Mummy trying to get the wire off her toes while she’s lying sideway on the ground, one leg in the air (the tangled one), and the other on the ground.  It looked very strange.  And it’s starting to rain now in earnest, and we’re getting wet, but it’s nice and warm and we don’t really mind.  But Mummy’s anxious to get us in straight away and she’s still untangling herself, and Oscar’s still behaving liked a frightened rabbit.

Anyway, Mummy got her foot free and tried to calm Oscar down, but he’s having none of it, so she gets him into his tent and puts him back in his cage and he’s still running laps!  I get back in my cage and tell him to calm down, but he’s dashing around like a mad thing.  And Mummy’s gone out into the pouring rain to collect Midge, who’s sensible and gets in his tent, and Kevin, who says he’s only been out ten minutes and he doesn’t mind getting wet, and Mummy saying “in the tent, Kevin, NOW!”

Anyway, everyone’s in and the rain is pouring down, but we’re all safe and not really wet.  Oscar is still running around his cage though, and Mummy tries to catch him, but he’s terrified of her.  Eventually she gets him and takes him in the other room for a sit down cuddle, and he’s calmer when he gets back, and we all settle down with fresh hay and talk about the day Mummy fell from the sky into Oscar’s run.


Oscar’s fine now, and we had a nice run in the garden yesterday, and nothing happened worth telling you about!

3 thoughts on “Oscar has a fright!

  1. Wow! what excitement! I’m sure Oscar was scared of a giant falling on him out of the sky! I’m glad you’re all okay now and I hope your mom is okay as well!!! I’m sure you guys had a great laugh over your mom’s antics!!!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Oscar will get over it. I’m just glad Mummy didn’t get hurt.

    I’m just thinking if I fell into my boys’ cages. Atticus wouldn’t care. He’s so calm, WWIII could break out, and he’d sleep through it. Digby might be scared, but he’s pretty new here.

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