It’s August

Apparently it’s August today.  I don’t know how people tell the difference.  One day is much the same as any other, although sometimes it’s sunny and warm in the morning and wet in the afternoon, which means we can’t go outside.

Although we can tell the seasons.  It’s getting darker earlier, for example, so we know summer is getting older.  The purple tree in the garden which has nice leaves is starting to drop them, but Kevin says it always does that early, but it’s the first to get them, too.  And Mummy has started to bring us in whole pieces of plant.  Yesterday we had twigs with apple leaves on them.  Kevin says they are ‘prunings’.  Mummy cuts them off to make the tree a better shape for growing apples.  Sounds good to me.  We also get long bits of bean plant, and even beans! Those were very nice.  I’m not keen on bean leaves although Kevin likes them.  Have mine, Kevin.


We see Mummy cut long bits off all sorts of plants but we don’t get all of them.  They aren’t good for us to eat.  I don’t know how Mummy knows.  It’s just one of those mysteries in life. This is a very old picture of George and Fred with a pea plant. Mummy says they look less than two year old there.  So it’s definitely ancient, because they would be nine years old by now.

August can be a hot month.  I hope it’s hot enough to go out but not so hot it makes the grass all brown. Fingers crossed.

Apparently I was supposed to mention Hugo last week.  It was his anniversary on Tuesday.  I didn’t know that, and I think Mummy was too busy to explain.  But his picture is up in the gallery now.  He looks very smart.  Mummy says he was a bit like me, but more swaggering.  Should I swagger more?

Have a nice August.

2 thoughts on “It’s August

  1. Auntie Dawn

    No one could swagger like Hugo and his doppelgänger, Mariusz. I miss those two so much.

    I think you should be just as you are, Percy. You’re perfect.

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  2. Yes, I think you should work on a swagger. There are a lot of tasty greens out there, aren’t there?
    I wouldn’t mind your heat there – we had a temp of 100 degrees with a heat index of 110 last week!

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