Busy last week

We had a nice day out on the grass on Thursday, and then the visitors started arriving.

Of course, I was very polite to them all.  I sat quietly and let them tickle my head, or my chin, and even stroke my back.  I’m always very polite to strangers.  They all seemed nice, and knew Mummy, so I thought I was okay.


Of course, when Mummy wants to stroke me it has to be on my terms.  I mean, I know where I am with her now, and she’s usually very good about waiting until I’ve moved myself into the appropriate position to the get the stroke that I want.  She also seems fairly good about waiting for me to ensure there won’t be any personal embarrassments when she picks me up.  Sometimes she doesn’t wait long enough, but then I just hold it all in.

You have to take the time to train your human, when you get a good one, who wants to learn.  They can make life very comfortable for you, you know.

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