Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 1)

Kevin here again.  Today I’m interviewing Auntie Dawn, although she told me so much lovely stuff I’m putting it in two parts.  The next part will be at the start of next months, because Dylan doesn’t want me to hog his blog.

Auntie Dawn lives in New York which is a long way away from us, but we met her when she came to stay a couple of years ago.  Was it only last year?  It seems a very long time ago.  It was just after Victor went over the Rainbow Bridge, so it must have been last year.

The first thing I asked her was: who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?

My living pigs are:

Atticus—2-year-old himmie.

There isn’t much that Atticus doesn’t like, but if I had to specify his favorite I’d say tomato. He’s trained me to give him tomato when I get home from work. He’ll put his nose against the cage bars or stand and lean against his igloo in desperation, waiting for me to take my coat and shoes off and get his cherry tomatoes from the fridge.

Roland—approximately 8-month-old black roan.

Roland is a fusspot. He’ll like something, then not like it, and then decide he likes it again. He consistently enjoys his dandelion greens, though.

The pigs who have passed are:

Mariusz—black-and-white crested (?– 2011).

As I often said, Mariusz was ten pounds of attitude in a three-pound pig. The thing he loved to do the most was to push things—and people—around during floor time. I’d be sitting on the floor, and he’d try to shove me out of the way! “Mariusz!” I’d exclaim. “You know I’m bigger than you.” That didn’t matter. He had things to do, don’t you know. Invariably I’d move out of his way, because I’m a well-trained slave.

Saku—white (with black) sheltie (2008–2013).

Saku was like a vacuum, or hoover as you’d say in Britain. There was nothing he didn’t like, and I’ve never seen a creature eat as fast as he did. It’s very hard to say what his favorite food was. Known as a sculptor, he created some masterful works in the medium of carrot. His goblet-shaped works earned particular praise from his many fans on Facebook.

Willoughby—brown agouti (2011–2015).

I called Willoughby the Buttinsky Pig, because he liked nothing more than to butt into everyone’s business—mine, Uncle’s, and his brothers’. I could almost hear him thinking “Whaddaya doin’? Whaddaya doin’?” Often underfoot during floor time, he was hard to spot because he was a brown pig against a brown floor. Invariably he’d get in the way when Uncle was cleaning out the cages. He was a tank, as many agoutis are, and probably thought he was invincible.

They all sound funny and great.  I’d love to meet them. Although Colman’s an agouti and he isn’t a tank.  Maybe he was when I was very little, but I don’t remember.  Why did you become a guinea pig slave?

It was Uncle’s idea. Uncle and I wanted to get a pet but didn’t know what kind. Uncle is allergic to cats, and we don’t have the space in our small apartment for a dog. Uncle suggested that we go into a pet shop and look at the guinea pigs. I held one and was hooked. We didn’t take that pig but decided that we’d get one after we did some research. (That pig, coincidentally, looked a lot like Saku.) Uncle sometimes has good ideas—I know you’re as shocked as I am.

I am truly shocked.  What’s your favourite thing about being a GP slave?

The cuddles. Saku was an excellent cuddler. He loved to curl up between my arm and my side and nod off. He would sleep deeply, sometimes even drooling on the bed, until it was time to pee. Occasionally I’d fall asleep and miss the signal that he needed to be put back in his cage. I think he felt bad when he piddled on the bed. “It was Momma’s fault, Saku,” I’d say. “Don’t worry.”

When Saku passed, I didn’t think I’d ever find another expert cuddler, but Atticus has proven me wrong. He lies on my shoulder and curls up around my neck, breathing into my ear. He has the cutest little wheezy snore! He’ll wake up, nibble my ear, and go back to sleep.

Aw that’s lovely, Auntie Dawn.  I’d like to curl up round Mummy’s neck like that.  She sits more upright though, so I just lie against her to cuddle.  That’s nice too.

I’ll tell everyone the rest of your secrets next month.  See you then!

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for giving me the chance to blather on about my boys, Kev!

    It was just over a year ago that Uncle and I came to visit. In addition to you boys and Mummy, we visited Auntie Doris, Uncle Bob, Auntie Kate and her mom and dad, and Auntie Julie. We had such fun.

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