Mummy tries an experiment


Mummy tried an experiment last week.  She put a huge big run up around one of the vegetable beds, and made sure we couldn’t get onto that to eat the yummy carrots and chard, and stuck one little run at the side all on its own. I was first out, so I went in the big run.  It was HUGE and I loved it.  I ran all the way round while she was getting Dougall to come and join me.

Dougall took one look at it and went into the tunnel.  He doesn’t like a lot of space, does Dougall.  He’s a funny guy, even if he is my brother and best buddy.  I don’t have to boss him about much because he knows I’m in charge.  I think he looks up to me, me being more important and so on.  He does say ‘no’ to me sometimes, but I let him do that to make him feel more important.

Anyway, after Dougall came out, Mummy brought Colman out.  Hey, Colman!  I haven’t seen you for ages!  How are you, buddy.  And by the way, you do know I’m the boss now, don’t you?  Colman didn’t seem to like my greeting and Mummy told me off for chasing him around so much, because he’s quite old and I should treat him with respect like I did Victor.  Well, I know that, but he kept running away rather than let me cuddle him, so I had to keep following him.  Mummy said I was too much for him and she put me in the little run at the side.  Apparently it’s called a ‘sin bin’.  What?? I haven’t done anything wrong!!

So Colman settled down and pretty much ignored Dougall, who pretty much ignored him too.

Then Midge came out.  Well, I was incensed.  Fancy Midge being in that run and me in the sin bin!  That’s atrocious.  He was just as keen on getting to know Colman as I was, so Mummy made another sin bin and this time Colman went in there; she said it wasn’t a sin bin it was an oldies corner.  Anyway, I jumped out of the sin bin and came round the side of the other veg bed to see what was going on, and Mummy picked me up and put me back in the sin bin.  It wasn’t for long.  I saw that Dougall and Midge were eating grass happily together (Traitor, Dougall!) so I jumped out again to put him straight.  Mummy sighed and took me out of the sin bin and watched to see me make friends with Midge.

Huh.  That Midge isn’t very friendly!  He didn’t give me respect at all!  He almost seemed to think he was as big as me.  Youngsters!  What a cheek.  I soon told him what was what, and chased him off as well, stamping on Dougall’s and my territory.  He was brave enough to turn and tell me he had a right to be there, but Mummy was watching, and she told us both off for squabbling, and put Midge in the sin bin.

Then she made the run round the veggie bed into half a run, and Kevin came into the other half.  We had a chat through the bars, but he was too busy eating grass for much chat.  I haven’t got much time for eating grass these days.  I have to keep checking up on everyone.  That’s what leaders do, you know.

It’s hard work being in charge.

PS Hec and Oscar stayed indoors that day, but they came out the next day and all was normal again.  Thank goodness.

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  1. Jemima Pett

    Oh, Dylan (sigh). You are a funny boy. I love you so much! I wish you’d eat grass while you’re out, though.


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