Fred was the first piggy Mummy ever picked up.  Doesn’t that sound funny?  She chose him and George from the group with their third brother, and said she’d have the one with the crest, and whichever of the others the rescue lady could catch.  They were very fast runners, even faster than me.

Fred on holiday

It’s funny looking at their baby photos and their older ones, because they were so much darker when they were little.  Fred started out as ginger as George became, and he got more fudge coloured.  They were officially listed as slate coloured, but Auntie Doris reckons they were probably lilacs.  It’s funny because they both look ginger to me.  It’s to do with the second colour further down their hair, apparently.  I’m just brown all the way down.  Or white.

Fred was a thinker, and also passed on the bird alarm calls from the garden to everyone inside.  It was useful when out in the garden, I expect.  He wrote a series of posts for this blog about aspects of natural philosophy, but he hadn’t been doing it long when he died.  Mummy said he died because he missed George so much.  There’s a piece under “Tales from the Hutch” on his life if you want to know more about him.  Mummy still misses him.   He was born on 13th June 2007 and died on 19 November 2011.  And we were born eight days later.  Mummy says he died because he missed George too much. Of course they are the stars of Mummy’s books.

And George’s day is tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Fred

  1. Alex Hurst

    Those little floppy ears! So adorable. (And I must be tired, because under the Calendar Boars Widget, the dark guinea looked like a lady’s hair, and the blue tent her jacket.. I thought there was a woman eating the grass with the ginger one! Then I looked again. 😛 )

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    A-Z Blogging in April Participant


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Freddiepie. What can I say about him that I haven’t said a million times already? I’m so glad that I got a chance meet him. He was so patient and tolerant with his Crazy American Auntie and Uncle. He only gave us a couple of warning Looks; he even let us put a piece of cucumber on his head. The consummate British gentleman.

    Miss you, F. XO


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