Yay! Grass! And cold feet

Mummy was outside making funny noises today.  I gave her a look which meant “If you’re outside, how come we aren’t?” and she must have understand because she said the ground was too cold for us still.

Then a little while later she came and put me and Dougall out in a small run in the sunshine!

Dylan keeps his feet warm

The sun was a bit bright but the ground was a bit cold, so it was hot and cold at the same time.  The grass was nice, though, best eaten from the tunnel or the tent.  I decided to brave the cold in the end.  Mummy checked my feet when she put me back in my cage and somehow, they weren’t cold at all!  Nobody else went out, just us.  I think it’s because we’ve got thick hairy coats.

Out with the snowdrops

Mummy kept on making funny noises when we were outside.  She made some new borders for the veggie beds.  You can see one of them in the background.  She made another for the bed on the left, which appears to be covered in snow.  I don’t know why it was covered in snow, it wasn’t cold. Those white flowers at the front of the picture are snowdrops.  I’ve never seen them before.

When we came in again, Mummy got everyone some fresh grass, so nobody went hungry.

One thought on “Yay! Grass! And cold feet

  1. Alex Hurst

    So adorable!!! He looks really happy to be out in the grass. I know my sister’s rabbit used to get so excited at the turn of the season.


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