I think Dougall’s ok

Dougall went back to have his lump removed, and I went with him again, to make sure he knew what was going on around him.  I stuck really close to him, even when we came home.

D&D snuggled after op

Then Mummy put us back in our nice clean cage and we settled down and had some hay.  I’d had a hay cake to eat while we were there, but I was still really hungry!

Later in the evening Dougall’s dressing fell off and Mummy took this picture of his operation scar.

Dougall's scar

It looks a bit redder than that in the middle now, but it’s ok round the outside and Mummy hopes it’s ok.  We’re going to go back to show Dr Sally what it looks like tomorrow.  Mummy says I don’t have to come, but I think Dougall needs me, really.

Mummy wants to know why I’ve lost weight this week.  I’ve been very busy caring for Dougall, Mummy.  And noble and selfless giving up my hay to him.


2 thoughts on “I think Dougall’s ok

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww! I’ll bet he was as brave as Uncle Saku when he had his lump removed. I’m so glad he’s doing well. Keep on being a supportive brother, Dyl.

    Love you both.

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