We’ve been here three years

As far as I’m concerned I’ve been here all my life.  But today’s the date that Mummy and Auntie Vikki brought Dougall and me home from the place where we were born three years ago, when we were three weeks old.

Vikki said that normally we’d go to a foster home with an Uncle boar to teach us good ways, until we were old enough to be on our own.  But Mummy had an Uncle boar all ready for us, Uncle Victor.  So we came straight to live with him and Mummy.

This is our first meeting with Vic:

Vic and the babiesThat’s me on the right.  You can just see the blue of our hammock in the top left corner.  We like our hammock very much.  It wasn’t long before we had floor time, out in the run, with Humphrey and Hector on the other side of the panels, like we do with Midge now.

Dougall & Dylan first floor time
Dougall & Dylan first floor time

And we used to sit on the hammock together like this:

D&D at three weeks
D&D at three weeks

now we sit on it side by side like this.  Mummy took this yesterday (I’m on the hammock)!

Just chillin

Happy anniversary, everybody!

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