Happy Adoption Day, Mummy!

Today is the seventh anniversary of the most important date in history – the day Mummy brought home her first guinea pigs, the legendary Fred and George (whom this blog is named after*).

Seven years is a very long time, and Mummy says she can’t really believe it’s been that long, but then it does seem a long time since George and Fred and Hugo left her.  Mummy says funny and complicated things sometimes and I’m just repeating it for you.

Cuddle Huddle
Cuddle Huddle

This was Fred and George when they could still fit in one grassy hutch.  The top picture is when they were just 5 months old.  When they first arrived they hid away for the first few days and Mummy couldn’t get any photos unless they were squished together in a tube or something.  Not like me and Dougall.  We were really brave when we arrived!

Happy Adoption Day, Mummy xxx

*Auntie Dawn made sure I put ‘whom’ there instead of ‘who’, which is what I was going to put

2 thoughts on “Happy Adoption Day, Mummy!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Dyl!! You made an old grammar nerd very happy.

    I can’t believe it’s been over 6 years since Uncle and I took the train to Queens, NY, to pick up a couple of pigs: one a long-haired angel, and the other a crested rascal and Hugo clone. (We got them on separate occasions.) Those days will always stand out in my mind. Saku was nervous with us for a while, but Mariusz established his dominance over us all right away. You remind me a lot of Mariusz: as sassy as you please, but a good boy at heart, and one who loves his mummy.

    F&G were … I can’t find the words to describe how special they were. Your mummy knows how much I loved them. I’m honored to have met Fred.

    Be good to Mummy, sweetie. She needs you.



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