It’s George’s Day

Uncle Vic said it was his place to write the George’s Day post because he is the only one of us who knew him.  Well, I’m top pig now, and I think it’s my duty to make the speech in his honour.  Here goes:

Today we celebrate the life and departure of George, engineer extraordinary.  George lived with his twin brother, Fred, in the cage I share with Dougall.  He was enrolled in the Rodents with Attitude Guinea Pig Forum, where he held the honorary role of Forum Mechanic.  He was very helpful to everyone with trouble managing their work on the forum and a great friend to many people too.

He had a lot of trouble with his teeth, more trouble than even Hector.  Mummy learnt all she knows about teeth from him, and from the CCT Dental Hygiene Course.  That’s why Mummy can sort our teeth out so easily, without us going to the vet (although sometimes some of us go to Auntie Shirley and Uncle Barry in Ipswich).

George designed the upstairs run that we used to live in.  Now Colman and Kevin live in it.  George was extremely clever, but also modest and kind and generous and patient.  Vic says we should all try to be like him, but I want to be more like Fred, because I’m in charge.

George went to the Rainbow Bridge on 17th May 2011.  Happy George’s Day.

3 thoughts on “It’s George’s Day

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    George was all that, and more. He — and his brother, and my Saku — were models for us all. (Hugo and Mariusz? They were perfect in their own way, but I don’t know if they were models for behavior. <3)

    I'll always miss Georgie. When I met Fred, he told me all about his brother. I hope that when he got to wherever they are now, he told G about me; I hope he was kind. ("Auntie Dawn is crazy and American, but she's pretty nice for all that.")

    Are you sure about being in charge, Dyl? Did you clear that with Mummy and Uncle Victor? I'm skeptical.


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