I Cannot Believe It!!

Hi everyone.  I have a complaint for the Ministry of Guinea Pig Welfare.

Mummy went out to play golf this morning without putting me back in my cage!

I know she asked me to come back a couple of times.  She was dashing around trying to give everyone a little attention, and fresh hay and water, but I had my meds and smoothie on her lap as usual, and only two pieces of cucumber instead of my normal six (they are only very small pieces) and she put me down for my run.  Then as usual, she put Hector down and picked Humphrey and Dylan up.  Then there’s usually a nice little while for a stretch of the legs if I feel like it, while she’s doing the boys upsatirs, but today , no.  She dashed upstairs, came down all ready to go out, picked up Dougall, then picked up Hector (who was as surprised as I was with the short run).  She asked me to come in, but I said no, and she did something else then asked me again, and I walked off.  She put the tent down (she picks us up in that, it’s very comfy) and went and did something else, then she came back, threw some hay in the cages and went out!


That’s right, no nice fresh veggies for breakfast, and me still on the kitchen floor.  And she’s gone!!

Well, eventually I climbed into the box with the hay in it and settled down for a snooze, then did some munching.  I would have fancied some pellets but there weren’t any around.  I found a bit of cabbage leaf and the end of a carrot in the hay box too.  So it wasn’t too bad.

When she came back hours later she saw me and apologised a lot.  She picked me up without bothering about the tent, gave me a cuddle and put me back.  She gave me my pellets (she hadnt put them in the cage so Humphrey hadnt snaffled them all).  It was nice to be back in my cage.  But it was ok on the floor in the hay box.  I hope she doesn’t do it again.

P.S.  She gave us our breakfast veg later too.  We had some extra leaves she’d got from the supermarket. Runner beans and chicory 🙂

One thought on “I Cannot Believe It!!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Your nephews Willoughby and Atticus are appalled at this! They say that they’ll provide a character reference for you at the Ministry.


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