Another lovely day

We’ve been in the garden in the afternoons this week.  Well, when Mummy hasn’t been out all day.  It gets dark much earlier now, and it gets cool and damp beforehand, so if Mummy isn’t back early, we don’t get to go out.

Lawnmowing squad at workBut the good thing is, this week she hasn’t had to wrap her arm up when she’s doing things, and she’s taken our cage tops out in the garden.  So we’ve all been able to go out at the same time, and chat to each other through the bars.  Hec noticed Mummy doing something very strange in the morning of days when we’ve gone out.  She seems to be wiping the grass with our big red towel.  It must be effective as it’s nice and dry when we go out about 2 pm, and the week before she said we couldn’t go out then as the grass was wet.  Is she really drying the grass for us?  I think she is.  I know she doesn’t want me to catch cold.

Colman asleep on the hayColman’s managed to break his front tooth.  He said he was just jumping up onto Mummy’s lap after she cleaned his cage this morning, and her lap wasn’t there, and she couldn’t catch him so he fell on the ground.  He must be silly to try jumping on Mummy’s lap when she’s standing up.  Poor Mummy.  I bet he gave her a fright.  I saw Mummy cutting up his veg into thin sticks to make it easier for him to eat them.  He’s a lucky boy.

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