E is for Endive

Funnily enough, I couldn’t think of anything other than endive.  Not to eat, that is.  I don’t think there’s a problem if we eat the leaves of elm or the leaves, fruit or flowers of elder, but Mummy doesn’t give us those.  Although I seem to remember she asked Fred to give his opinion on the berry-stalks of the elder and he approved them for cavy consumption.  Endive is nice though.  Mummy grew endive for us this year and it lasted well into the winter which is nice.  Fresh leaves from the garden in winter are extra special.

There is a little problem of translation between us and our American cousins when we talk about endive.  I think they call chicory endive.  We call chicory chicory.  Chicory is a broad leaf with a white base. Radicchio is a type of chicory too and it has red leaves once they’ve been out in the cold.  Endive can have broad leaves but the type we have is frilly.  It’s also called frisee which is french for frilled.  Some people think it’s a lettuce but it isn’t.  It’s very tasty and doesn’t have the sleepy stuff in it that lettuce does that makes lettuce so more-ish.

We don’t have endive very often.  Maybe Mummy will grow more of it this year now she knows it works for us.

The only other food that begins with E belongs to Excel.  They make lots of tasty snacks especially the Treats wrapped in paper.  They are made of grass and their special flavouring; nettle, dandelion and mint.  We like those a lot!  They also make nuggets which are very tasty.  We sometimes have those for a treat.  The standard ones are nearly as nice as our Wagg pellets and they also do blackcurrant and oregano flavour.

Maybe E should be for Excel Treats as we have those more often than we have endive.  But Mummy doesn’t grow them.  They come from Uncle Ken’s Corn Store.  I’ve not been there although I have sat outside Uncle Shaun’s Farm Shop.  On the way back from the vet.  That’s Dr Louise to you.  Maybe I’ll stop now.

5 thoughts on “E is for Endive

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Now I’m really confused, Vic! 😀

    My boys haven’t had anything mentioned here, but I’m sure they’d find it all delicious.


  2. Victor

    Welcome Li, Jarm and Carrie, I’m very pleased to meet you. Hammock in the honeysuckle sounds like something I’d like, Mistress Carrie. I’m sorry I confused you, Auntie Dawn. I’ll try not to do it again.


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