D is for Dandelion

Now, dandelion… Yum!  We like dandelion and it grows very easily, all the year round.  Well, nearly all the year, Mummy finds a leaf or two from time to time in the winter but not very much, it’s true.  Most of the year we can eat dandelion whenever we want.

Dandelion grows in the grass so if we fancy it instead of grass when we are outside we can eat it of our own accord.  We can’t get to eat most of the vegetables we like as they are the other side of our run or in Mummy’s special earthy places.  Fred said they were called beds but they are nothing like grassy hutches or snuggle-sacks.  Fred was an expert on things growing in the garden.  I missed the picture of him with the chard because I decided to talk cucumber, but he’ll be showing off the fennel in a few days’ time.  He was very clever like that.  I miss him nearly as much as I miss Hugo.  I lived with both of them, you know.  I never lived with George, just next door, and I miss him too, just not quite as much.

Mmm Dandelion

Dandelion has lovely yellow flowers which are on the end of a long stalk. It is really fun to pick up one end of the stalk and chew it till you get to the lovely sweet flower. Mummy has a video of George doing that. She’s got a picture of me too, which I think I’ll put here. There you are!

The leaves are very nice too.  Very leafy and flavoursome.  We like to get them picked fresh from the garden.  If I eat a lot of them I find I have to go to the toilet more though.  Am I allowed to say that on here?  I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to say that.

There are different types of dandelion in the garden.  Some have big leaves, some have small ones with even more indentations along the side.  They are all just as nice.  The flowers look the same as each other.  They look the same as cat’s ear and colts foot as well.  They begin with C though and today’s letter is D.

I think that’s all I know about dandelions.

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See you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “D is for Dandelion

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thank you for the photo, Vic. Utterly adorable (as always).

    My two love dandelion. They get it in the morning, before my shower. By the time I get out of the shower, Saku has obliterated his. Sometimes he leaves me wondering whether I’ve actually given him dandelion or just imagined that I did, because he leaves no trace.

    Willoughby will snack on some, have a nap, then emerge groggily from his igloo looking for more.

    I have to get it at the high-priced grocery store, aka “Whole Paycheck,” because I don’t have a lawn.

    Fred was an expert on many things. I’m glad I got the chance to meet him. I miss him terribly, as I do Georgie, Hugo, and of course, Mariusz. Sometimes I just sit around getting very sad about them all. Your Uncle says I should try not to do it so much, but you know me. Just a Crazy American Auntie. Sigh.



  2. Victor

    Don’t get sad about them Auntie Dawn. They are off having fun beyond Jupiter. And they are always with us too. Some clever man said “Don’t cry because they’ve gone, be glad because they were here.” I know what you mean though :smooch:


  3. Victor

    Hello j-scribbles! Thank you for visiting. I think humans can eat dandelion too. I’ve seen mummy put a leaf or two on her plate with other leaves she steals from our white box in the kitchen. I suppose I shouldnt say steals. We share everything with her. But not hay or nuggets 🙂


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