B is for Basil and Beetroot

I had a real problem deciding what B was for.  I mean, yes B is for basil, but it’s also for beetroot, broccoli, beans…  I was tempted to do beetroot so I could add a picture of George with a very beetrooty face.  Well, I suppose I could do that anyway!  But we love basil.  I mean we REALLY love basil!

Basil is a herb. basilicus something or other in that old foreign language they use for plant names so everyone knows which one we are talking about.  It grows in the summer and it needs warm temperatures and plenty of light and water so it grows nice and leafy but still strong and with a lovely flavour.

It tastes of… basil.  I don’t know what else it tastes of, I can’t think of anything.  There is a mint called basil mint which tastes a tiny bit like it, but doesn’t really do either basil or mint justice (mmmm, mint!).  I might do M for Mint.

Mummy grows basil in a pot even though she says it ought to grow ok in the garden.  I think she likes to keep it near the tomatoes so it gets fed and watered and all the right conditions for it to be nice.  We don’t usually get very much at a time.  One or two leaves at most.  But then it is VERY tasty so really any more than that and we wouldn’t really appreciate it.  Mummy likes it too, I’ve seen her put it in lots of her dinners.  Sometimes she strips the leaves off a stem and gives us the stems when she’s cooking with the rest.  That’s fine by me I like leftovers.  It’s part of my job really, to look after the leftovers.

If Mummy gives me a big pile of basil I’ll pose for some photos of it for you.  If not you’ll be lumbered with old beetroot face here…

Beetroot Face

5 thoughts on “B is for Basil and Beetroot

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mmmm, I love basil! I think it’s compulsory for Italian-Americans to like basil, just as it’s compulsory for Brits like Mummy to drink tea. 😉 It’s in the Rulebook or something.

    When we buy a bunch, your Uncle uses some for cooking, but gives most of it to Saku and Willoughby. It disappears in record time.

    As for beetroot, or “beets” as we call it in the US — not for me. Your Uncle likes it.

    Georgie looks adorable here. I miss Old Beetroot Face very much.


  2. What cute pictures you have! I love all kinds of animal but had never really paid attention at how adorable guinea pigs are. I’ll be paying more attention now, for sure!

    Good luck from Diary of a Writer in Progress


  3. Victor

    Thank you for all your nice comments. It’s hard work this A to Z thingee, isn’t it? But I like my new friends ❤


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