A is for Apple

Hello, I’m Victor and this is the Ato Z April Blog Challenge 2012.  I’m a guinea pig. I’m going to talk to you about food.  It is my favourite subject. Possibly matched by sleep but there’s less variety in sleep.  I think.

A is for Apple is my topic for today.  Mummy says A is for Apple is a standard way of teaching children their alphabet.  All I know is a is for apple and apples taste nice.

We don’t often have apple.  That is because too much of the apple fruit can make a piggy’s mouth sore.  I’ve never had too much so I don’t know about that.  None of us have ever had mouth sores like that.  From mid-summer to mid-winter Mummy gives us a piece of peel whever she peels her apple for her breakfast.  She slices the apple and puts it in a bowl, I’ve seen her do that.  And the peel she’s taken off she gives to us, and the inside bits she puts in the small brown bin, although sometimes she gives us those too.  They’re really nice.

There are different types of apple.  Mostly we get small red and green ones, or yellow ones that have a different texture.  Mummy says those are Cox or James Grieve.  I like James Grieve.  He’s nice. I don’t think he’s the same as my uncle James.  He’s nice too.  Sometimes we have cooking apples which are a different taste and still nice.  Mummy only gives us a small bit of those.  Hector and Humphrey don’t like them, they say they are too sour.  And another type we have has a rough brownish skin.  Mummy calls them russets.  She gets those a lot in the autumn, which is a shame as I don’t really like those.  The skin has a funny texture although the flesh is nice.

Mummy has a small apple tree in the garden.  She had two but one died.  She is hoping the one that’s left might have an apple or two on it this year.  It is the same age as me, which is four years old.  It was sick the year after she planted it, so she has been tending it very carefully.  We had some of the leaves off it from time to time and they are yummy.  I don’t know whether people realise that guinea pigs like quite a lot of tree leaves when they are nice and green.  Mind you Hugo used to eat tree leaves that were brown provided they were from the right tree.  I’m hoping Mummy’s apple tree will grow big and strong this year so we can have leaves without hurting it.  And maybe it’ll need trimming and we can have the bits of twig that are cut off.  Those are nice too.

If you have any questions about Apple I will be pleased to answer them for you.

Oh, by the way, Mummy writes stories.  We are the heroes in them.  You can buy the first one for a special price during April. It says so in the side panel.

9 thoughts on “A is for Apple

  1. Hello, Victor! I love apples. Mmm! My guinea pigs liked apples, too. They were also big fans of carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes. Do you like those?

    Happy A to Z and have a great week!


  2. Jemima Pett

    Hi Victor! Good post sweetheart ❤ You're the first stop on my blog hop. Don't forget to go and visit the other blogs. Maybe after a nice nap!


  3. Auntie Dawn

    Great inaugural post, Vic! I’m very proud of you (but you already knew that).

    Your Uncle and I like apple. We usually buy organic Fuji apples from the overpriced supermarket. We don’t have a garden to plant trees in, nor nearby farm shops. When the Farmers’ Market sets up in Union Square, their prices are higher than those of the supermarket!

    Saku is very fussy about apple and will leave his slice if it’s too tart; Willoughby usually devours his.


  4. Victor

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I am very happy to meet you. (and Auntie Dawn I’m sending a smooch to you). This Challenge thing is fun!


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