A to Z Blog Challenge starts on Sunday!

Do you remember Mummy told you I am doing the A to Z April Blog Challenge?  She posted about it here.  Well, it starts on Sunday!  I am very excited!  Already some other animals have been to say hello (they commented on that post), so I thought I’d do a quick tour of the list and mention some of the other blogs I’ll be looking at during the month of April.  I think the idea is to visit lots of other blogs and see what they are doing, so I hope you will do that too and ‘like’ their posts.  There are 1248 blogs listed today.  They recommend visiting at least 5 a day!

These are the ones I’ve spotted so far:

233. Inky the Hamster Mommy

255. Animal Tails (mainly hamsters)

258. Confessions of a Hamsterholic

437. The Mane Point (horses)

446. Hearts in Fur Coats (mainly dogs and cats)

489. Fuzzy Feet ‘n’ Furry Tail Gerbils

544. Jemima Pett Author of the Princelings of the East (that’s Mummy)

545. George’s Guinea Pig World (that’s us!)

714.  Gone Gardening

1103. Help Michigan Pets (Animal welfare/rescue)

1207. Laughing with their tails (dogs)

1223. The Allotment Times (nice veg!)

1224.  Emmy the Petsitter (mainly dogs)

1233.  Animal Advocacy

I’m the only guinea pig, I think.  Most of the ones called Cat are by ladies called Cat.  I haven’t found Rob-bear’s blog even though he left me a message.  I hope I find it.  There are an awful lot of writers there.  Some of them look interesting.

You can get the links by clicking the A to Z badge at the side.

11 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge starts on Sunday!

  1. Arlee Bird

    That’s some great representation from the guinea pigs. I’m linking to this post for the next A to Z Summary which will be on Saturday.

    The Dog Lived (and So Did I)
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog


  2. Oh you will find my posts so scary, all about Africa. Come pay me a visit, there are cats and penguins. Giraffes and hippos. Friends for furry creatures just like you, only a lot bigger 🙂
    Following because I like animals, Geoff.


  3. Hello, Victor! I LOVE guinea pigs!!! I had three when I was younger– two short-haired males named Rusty and Pepper and an Abyssinian female named Patches. I think you would have liked them and been great friends! I’m so glad I found your blog before the A-Z Challenge starts. I’m looking forward to your guinea pig wisdom! 🙂


  4. Victor

    Thank you everyone!

    I’ve been looking at the blogs I listed. Some of the numbers have moved up. So don’t click the number, look at the name. It might be a lower number higher up the page now.


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