Grass, toes and cuddles

Sometimes I wonder about Mummy.  We had some lovely grass time this afternoon, then she brought me in and put me in the special place for attention.  She cut my toenails!  And the first one she cut much too short and there was blood everywhere.  I yelped when she cut it but actually it didnt hurt after that, just left red stuff all over the paper and the cloth under that.  She put funny powder on it, but had to hold it till it stopped.  I ended up with powder all over me.  That was because she squidged me to clean me out.  I yelped at that too, I mean, its not comfortable at all.  But I hadnt been done for a couple of days and to be honest it was much more comfortable after.  Especially as mummy put cream there which is soothing.  And then she wrapped me in a towel and put me on the sofa.  I think she brought the others in from the garden.  I thought she might do their toes too but I think she was too upset about mine to do theirs now.  Anyway, we cuddled and watching the ticking programme on television and I spelled PIG at one stage.  Mummy spelled longer words and got clever sums right.  And Mummy gave me a grape.  So all is forgotten 🙂