Day to day stuff

It’s been a very pleasant few days since my last post.  Nothing much happening.  Some nice days in the upstairs run, Mummy doing strange things, which we don’t worry about since she does them quite often. 

Today I had my grease gland cleaned. This was very comfortable and allowed me to ahem, get rid of extra poos in the sink too (sorry, you may not approve of toilet matters).  I get a bit fed up with Mummy having to clean my special pouch out.  But it is better once she’s done it, I just dont like the squidging that goes on.  The other day she got me in a very sensitive spot!  I confess I had to hold her finger in my mouth to tell her it was hurting.  She did realise, and apologised, but she had to clean me out 😦  Getting old is no fun, I can tell you.

The youngsters are getting old as well.  They are just coming up to two months old. They have grown a lot, although with all that hair they look even bigger than they are.  They can still fit on the hammock together but I was underneath it today when they jumped on it and they nearly squashed me!  Together they weigh nearly as much as me now.  They’ve more than doubled in weight since they came to live with me.  Mummy keeps asking where all our hay has gone.  Into them, Mummy!

Last night Mummy put lots of extra clothes on and went out of the back door into the garden even though it was dark!   I was dozing when she came back but Hec was all excited, muttering something about stars.  When Mummy came back he was sitting there all alert so she told him about it.  He was so pleased to hear what she said, he looked up at the skylight and then went to bed after she’d left.  I didn’t know he was interested in stars.  I don’t know anything about them.  That was Fred’s department.  I miss Fred, he was a good chap.  I miss him most when I’ve got a bit tired of the youngsters.  We used to have some nice chats, him in his hutch, me under the fiddlesticks, just chatting.  I was thinking about Hugo yesterday.  Not Deep Thoughts like Fred’s Thinking, just thinking.  It’s six months since he left us, come the weekend.  Sometimes I think Dylan might take after him.  Then I think no.  Dougall sometimes does things like George did, but I don’t know whether he’s got any engineering ideas.  He’ll find his calling.  He’s quite a cuddlemonkey.   Might take after Humphrey or me, then.

One thought on “Day to day stuff

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Hee hee. Mummy does do some strange things, doesn’t she. But she means well, and she takes excellent care of you boys, as evidenced by the amazing growth of D&D. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten! And H&H look spectacular. With their glossy coats, they could be in a shampoo ad.

    You’re adorable as ever, V, and certainly not old. You’re about the same age as Saku, and I don’t consider him old at all. You’re both wise and mature pigs, but not old. As for your Auntie, well, she’s getting long in the tooth, as they say. But you expert gnawers don’t have that problem. 😉

    I miss them too, V — Fred, George, Hugo, and of course Mariusz. It’s so hard. Sometimes your old Auntie doesn’t think she can cope with the loss of M, but I’ve got to be strong for Saku, Willoughby, the Flying Confetti Makers, and Uncle W. And I’ve got 5 fabulous boys in Norfolk cheering me on — who could ask for more!!

    Keep on keepin’ on, V.


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