Washing done!

We didn’t go upstairs today as mummy went out.  When she came back we still didn’t go upstairs. She brought all the cage furnishings down and put them in the white box at the other end of the kitchen, the noisy one.  And she put our vetbed patches for our tents, H&H’s tunnel and our hammock in there too. 

Dylan and Dougall complained like mad that their hammock wasn’t there (their hammock, note!).  So mummy looked in the box under our table and brought out Hugo’s camouflage sack for them.  The only thing was, I could smell that it had been washed but it still smelled of Hugo!  I think she saw me smelling the air, and Dylan was very interested but very cautious (as Hugo was a very strong, big boar and that’s what his scent smells like) so she picked it up and smelled it herself.  She put it back in place, then picked it up again and this time she took it away.  I know human noses aren’t that good but I think she realises it needs more washing.  She put the other snuggle-sack down, the one that matches the tunnel, and they sat on that happily.  I can see the hammock drying on the hot thing on the wall and so it should be back in the cage tonight.  And the fleeces and things for upstairs are drying upstairs, mummy says, and the run will be nice and clean in the morning.  So that’s all right.

One thought on “Washing done!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy has been busy, hasn’t she? Those Ds get cheekier by the day, bless them.

    Hugo was a big, strong boar indeed. I miss him.


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