Popcorn Paradise

Hello again.  It’s been a long time since Mummy let me stay up in the upstairs run.  I’ve been busy looking after the youngsters.  They were too small to come up.  Today she put me up and I showed the boys how to travel by chube.   I waited for her to tap it then walked in calmly and waited for her to cover the ends and pick it up.  I arrived in the run and checked it out (it was all to my satisfaction of course).  Then mummy arrived with Dylan in her arms.  When she’d gone down again I asked him why he hadn’t arrived by chube.  He said he’d climbed over Mummy’s hand to get out before she could pick it up.  Well, I think Mummy was sensible to bring him up in the open in that case.  Then Dougall arrived by chube like a good boy.  But then he is.

Of course it was the Ds first time in the run.  They were popcorning all over the place as they explored it. Dougall was the first of them to try going upstairs.  He seemed to enjoy it as he didn’t want to come down.  Although I think he did want to come down, he just found the tunnel a bit scary to come out of when he came down it so he kept going back up.  Eventually mummy squidged the sides of the tunnel behind him so that he made it all the way down again.  Then the fun really started as Dylan found the other tunnel up to the loft, went up there, then came down the other one.  Then did it fast and then Dougall followed him.  And the pair of them were going up and down and round and round… I just went into the far corner and sat quietly having a nice cogitate.  What I mainly cogitated about was that George would be so happy to see the run being used as he had foreseen it.  These athletic types have no trouble with the steeper run and it’s really good to see them having fun.

Mummy managed to get one picture nearly in focus of the three of us together.  She also tried to video the boys in the loft.  I think she’s going to try and get that on Utube or something.

three boys in the run

The boys are much bigger now.  They are 6 and a half weeks old.  Mummy said Dylan weighed 400gms this morning.  Just to compare them, here is the picture of them in the hammock at 3 weeks and 1 day:

D&D at three weeks

and here they are last Saturday at 6 weeks:

D&D at six weeks

A lot of it is hair though. They are much hairier than me. But they’ve grown longer in their bodies too. They are nearly as big as our friend Clare’s Amara and he looked much bigger than them last week.

One thought on “Popcorn Paradise

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I think George would be proud of your Mummy, for maintaining the run in accordance with his specifications; of D&D, for being good little boys; and most of all of you, for being a superb Uncle and Mentor.

    Someone else is extremely proud of you. Who can it be?? Hmm. Here’s a hint: she’s a Yank.

    I love those adorable chocolate puffballs. And I love you, Vic!!



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