The terrible twins

With the very sad news from New York that our brother Mariusz has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, or to Saturn, or wherever it is we go when we die, I thought I should just write a little something from us Boyz.

We first met Mariusz when his slave joined the GP Rodents With Attitude forum two years ago.  From the very first we enjoyed her company and her tales of Mariusz and Saku, but imagine our astonishment when we saw the first pictures of Mariusz!  We quickly arranged a “guess the pig” contest!

It was difficult for most people to tell, although of course we always knew which was which.  But the strange relationship between the two continued with their attitudes, their whooshing, their cheekiness, and their love of mischief.  But Mariusz was bigger, stronger and probably faster, and had a strange liking for tomatoes (although to be fair, Hugo is the only one of us that pays any attention to tomato, banana, grape and other funny things).  Mariusz also shared Hugo’s love of wires, cables, and probably plastic too.

There were times when their synergies made us wonder whether they were in fact one and the same pig.  And that really gave rise to Mummy’s story of the time tunnel.  Of course it wasnt true, but it was a great tale, and we enjoyed being heroes!  And Mariusz enjoyed his role as the villain.  The trouble with that is that he couldnt be part of the rest of Mummy’s stories about us, although she did weave him into them where possible.  The problem was solved when she wrote a ‘prequel’ which featured Mariusz in the lead role, and not only that, but narrating it himself.  He got a real kick out of that, as did Hugo.

Now he is gone.  The world is emptier without him, and we miss him.  Fred, Hugo, Victor and I send our warmest greetings and love to Aunty Dawn, Uncle Wayne and Saku, and hope that will help them cope with their loss.  He will always be remembered as the pig that would have won an Olympic Gold medal for the 10 metres sprint had he been allowed to take part.  0-60 in 4 seconds takes a lot of beating.  But that is the meaning of ‘whoosh’ and Mariusz was a champion whoosher!

Goodbye dear friend.


5 thoughts on “The terrible twins

  1. Meg

    Aww George, that was very well written. Hugo must be sad that his twin has passed over the bridge, but tell him that he will feel better soon, but Mariusz’s spirit will always be with him. Sending big hugs to you both xx


  2. Auntie Dawn

    That was lovely, George. Thank you.

    I remember when I joined the forum. I was pleased to meet so many warm, friendly, nutty piggie lovers, but especially surprised and thrilled to see a pig just like my Mariusz!

    Those two were as alike in personality as they were in looks. Normally not given to indulging in fantasy, I was convinced that there was a time tunnel under my bird cage. I never was quite sure which boar I was dealing with, Mariusz or Hugo.

    Mariusz was indeed super-strong, fast, and athletic. He never met a fruit he didn’t like, and shared Hugo’s predilection for plastic and wires.

    He was proud to be the inspiration for your Mummy’s stories. He loved them, not only because he was a main character, but also because he had an eye for quality and loved his Auntie. He was fiercely loyal and would Pffft anyone who didn’t appreciate the stories.

    I don’t know how I would cope without you, your brother, Victor, Hugo, and your Mummy. Thank you so much for your love and support. XXOO


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