Grease gland

Mummy cleaned my grease gland today. She came back yesterday with a little red pot which she said was swrfga or something like that, and it had green gunge in it which would sort us out. Fred and I couldnt understand what she meant but this morning we found out!

Fred came back from his cuddle smelling funny and when I had mine I found out why. After a bit of a cuddle, she took me down to the sink and sat me on a towel then put this green gunge on my grease gland. She rubbed it in gently, which was quite nice so I started purring. Then she used a comb thing to scrape away the greasy bits very gently, then she held me on her arm with my bottom under the tap and rinsed it off. It was really quite soothing. Then she rubbed my bottom dry and put me back in the cage. Fred said “I told you so” when I got back, and then we had our veggies as usual and I couldnt smell them properly. It’s all right now though!

First published on GPRWA forum 19/03/2009
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