Dylan’s Yuletide Journey

Dylans Yuletide Journey_Final02I wrote this as a ten-part Christmas story for the Princelings website in 2012.  It introduces Dylan and Dougall, two princelings in the far north, from a castle in the middle of nowhere, or rather, at the end of the earth, called Castle Haunn.  If you check against the stories of Fred, George, Victor and Hugo going to Mull, you’ll find where this story is set!

It tells how Dylan is sent with a message to the nearest message centre, miles away across the sea, while Dougall tries to fix the problem with their energy supply, but gets into trouble anyway.  On the way back, Dylan finds some people up to no good – and then his adventures really begin!

I edited it down to seven chapters, and produced it as a free ebook the following Christmas – you can get it for your ereader, or as a pdf to read on your computer – at Smashwords.

It may well be incorporated into one of the later books, since I have Plans for the Princelings of the North!


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