Midge won a prize

He won it for Piggy of the Month on Rodents With Attitude.  Mummy says that’s a lovely guinea pig forum where everyone’s very friendly and help each other out with guinea pig problems, and have a lot of fun too.

Sounds great, can I join?

Anyway, the topic of the month was ’50 shades of piggy’ and mummy got Midge to wear her sunglasses and go as ’48 shades of Midge in shades in the shade’.  And people liked it and he won – but only just.


Well, he does look good, doesn’t he?  I love the look he’s giving Mummy – ‘do I have to?’

And now we know where Kevin got all those rosettes he has on his cage.  They are his winnings for POTM!  He’s been going in for it for years, though, and the first one (which was for the Jubilee Seven) he  won in 2012!  Wow!  That’s a whole front foot of years ago!

Mummy said everyone would like to see his nice rosette, so she took a photo of him with it – and his new tunnel.

Dougall’s rosette

Dougall won this lovely rosette by entering the Rodents with Attitude Piggy of the Month (POTM) competition.  The theme for July was Bad Hair Day, and Mummy entered a picture she took of him when he’d had all his hair cut off!Dougall says thankyou MeggieAs you can see, his hair is growing back very fast!

I’m the Smoothie pig – official!

Hello there! I’ve got a lovely new thing that Mummy gives me twice a day.  It’s a smoothie!  It’s really yummy.

I was feeling a bit off colour, and although I had nice food to eat I didn’t want a lot of it.  Mummy was worried I was losing weight so she got this special smoothie for me from Dr Louise.  It’s called Emeraid, and it’s for sick and recovering guinea pigs (and other herbivores).  I’m not really sick or recovering, but I’m getting old and I get a bit fed up with things every now and then.  Mummy mixes this up and gives me 3 or 4 tubefuls twice a day.  It’s delicious. Continue reading “I’m the Smoothie pig – official!”