I’m going bald!

Hello, Locksley here.

I’m going bald! And Mummy says 2 years old is far too young for me to be going bald. And Mummy trimmed my tail and bottom hair off to help me feel cooler. It’ll grow back, she says. But the bald patch is still there.

I’m going to see Dr Rebekah tomorrow so she can take a look and see if there’s something wrong with me.

I’m worried that it might be what Biggles had.

Mummy says there are all sorts of reasons, though, and I shouldn’t worry. Many people lose some of their hair when they worry a lot. The stress of the builders next door might have started it. They were so noisy last Monday, it was awful. Even Mummy said it was awful and took a headache pill for it. She said they were digging channels in the concrete floors in the house to put in wires and tubes and cables, probably. It was horrible, loud and ran right through you, and we couldn’t escape it. It was in the front room, in the garden, everywhere. Mummy tried putting us in our boxes in the front room, but the noise was still there, and it was hotter. So we came back.

It was only one day, though it was all day. It’s not so bad again now, some loud noises, but more muffled. Mummy says the long noises are drills and screwdrivers, the short repetitive ones are hammers. And they’ve got most of the roof up now, and taken away the board over our side that was stopping things going from us to their space.

But it was Thursday when Mummy said my hair was a mess and she brushed it and a whole dollop came out. It could have been the heat made my body decide to get rid of the excess hair, Mummy said. But it’s gone back to normal now, the heat has, and it’s much nicer. It even rained some nights. And mornings. There’s not much grass for us to eat though. The trefoil hides some, though, so it’s worth nosing around it.

Did Ludo show you my birthday pictures last week? I enjoyed my cake.

Mummy wants to bath me before I see Dr Rebekah, to see if any more hair comes out. Uh-oh. I bet she takes pictures. Maybe it’s just stress, as she says.

We’ll let you know what happens.


Locksley xxxx


3 thoughts on “I’m going bald!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I hope it is just stress, and it grows back. Tortoises don’t have hair, so I don’t need to worry about that kind of thing, but I know having hair is important for other types of animals, so I hope you get yours back.


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  2. Happy Birthday, Locksley, Hope you enjoyed it. I’m sorry you couldn’t wear earmuffs on the day of tortuous noise – it’s simply awful when you can’t get away from it. I’m surprised your neighbors weren’t nicer about it and scheduled it for a few hours over several days. I am also not worried about the hair loss. Some People say bald is beautiful!

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  3. Mummy here. Dr Rebekah thinks it builder stress, most likely. He’s now on Nutracalm, and he’s come out with me today as the builder said he’d be doing the last of the really loud noise today. Fingers crossed.


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