A new box of hay

Hello, Biggles, here.

It’s been a restful sort of week. Last week I had a bath, as Roscoe told you. It hasn’t quite stopped my skin itching, but it’s a lot better. Mummy said she’d give me another this weekend, but she didn’t.

What she did instead was to check when our next hay delivery was due. “Two weeks, boys.” she said. I reckon we can start the new box and see if it’s any better.”

Well, I don’t think any of us had actually complained about this hay. It was sort of not bad, but not very nice. It had a lot of leaves and hard bits and stuck together bits. We weren’t eating as much of it as usual. And that’s why I lost weight the week before last. I made a better job of it this week. Mummy’s happy with my weight again.

Mummy filled the hay bag with hay from the new box. She gave us all huge handfuls of it when she’d taken out the other stuff. This morning she’d filled up the hayboxes we use for playtime. I had to explore it, but at first I couldn’t get in! There was so much hay, and I needed to jump, but whenever I jumped, it slid away on the floor. Mummy moved it to a different position for me and I got in the next time. It was really deep and luxurious. So deep I decided to have a nap. I only woke up when Mummy started taking photos.

So I think we’re happy with this hay. I don’t know what Mummy’s going to do with the other. Maybe we’re going to have some of each for a while, till they are both used up. Or maybe she’ll use it on the garden plants to keep them warm. Good luck to them, but I suppose they don’t mind the odd leaf or ten.

Mummy’s been busy at her screen all week. And she’s been talking to people on it all over the weekend. It’s very funny when she does that, like she’s talking to the wall and the wall’s talking back. But we know it’s really other people.

I hope you have a good week.



4 thoughts on “A new box of hay

  1. Biggles, what a joy to hear how you love the new hay! Do you think the old stuff was making you itch? And yes, that old hay would make a great ground cover for a garden and other plants.
    enjoy the hay!

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  2. hilarymb

    Hi Biggles – glad all is well and sincerely hope the itch stays away … the plants will enjoy the hay or other little beloveds in the garden will enjoy it. Oh yes … Biggles – lots of ‘funny people’ are talking to themselves – walls must have learnt to talk!! It’s not something I’m doing … but then I’m almost a hermit!! Look after one and all – Hilary

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