The new routine

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Nowt much has happened this week. Except May finished.

We’ve had morning cuddles and cucumber, a run, and breakfast. Then we’ve had a snooze or three.

I have to say, the amount of breakfast varies. Sometimes we get just three bits of veggies from the fridge (it’s colder, and not as fresh) and sometimes we get lots of little bits, mostly tasters, from the garden. They’re fresh and warm. That’s because the sun’s been shining on them, Mam hasn’t heated them up or anything.

Things from the garden I’ve identified: vetch, dandelion, plantain, grass (sometimes Mam picks a few very long stalks to include in our breakfast), kale leaves (different from the fridge ones), carrot leaves, strawberry leaves, hawthorn leaves, and hazel leaves. I think Mam was trying those out on us, and since we liked them, she brought twigs of hawthorn the next day, soft new growth, which I rather liked. There are also usually a couple of herby leaves, like mint, rosemary, lavender, parsley or thyme. And sometimes basil from the kitchen, because that grows indoors.

It’s been hot and sunny, and we’ve been out in the garden every afternoon once it’s nearly shadowy. I reckon Mam cut down on breakfast because we spend the afternoon eating grass, but it doesn’t quite work like that, Mam, because we’d be eating hay if we weren’t outside. We get hay when we come back in, at any rate.

Mam says to make the most of it because it’s going to get cooler and rainy next Wednesday onwards. She’s a bit pleased because she’s run out of rainwater to water the pots with. She has to use the mains instead. You’ll probably understand what that means.

Mam’s been spending lots of time in the garden growing things and cutting things and making things. It’s good for her, I think. Apparently we can come out of this avirus lockdown a little, but Mam isn’t because the scientists say it’s too early. She seems a bit worried by something she learnt the other day, but she hasn’t explained it to me, save that she has to have someone nearby who can come in to look after her when she’s ill.

Well, Auntie Vikki always did that, so I’m sure she’ll find someone else now that Auntie Vikki (and Auntie Claire) don’t live near us any more.

And there’s no sign of some new boys coming yet. We just have to be patient. As long as there’s enough cucumber and hay, Mam, we’ll be fine.

Have a nice week


Roscoe xxx

3 thoughts on “The new routine

  1. Carol GILBERT

    Great news Roscoe ! It’s been awful rainy here in our part of the the garden planted and Bella and Bear have been getting some fresh herbs also. Parsley, cilantro,fresh mint ,lemon balm,dandelion leaves and grass. Beeen moving the pen around to try to find dry spot in the yard. We got lots of cuddles last evening when the little neighbor girls came to visit. It was fun! Today moms going to clean the cages and the floor where the hay has spilled. Dad gives us our Timothy every morning while he has his coffee and sits at the computer. We have very interesting conversations. He’s funny! Well stay well and take good care of your mam! Till later ,Bella and Bear from Ohio USA!

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  2. Glad you’re getting lots of cuddle time, and grass time. It’s been quite warm and sunny here too, from what I’ve seen during the parts of the day I’m up (I’m nocturnal, so sleep a lot in the day… Don’t know if you knew that).

    My Mummy thinks it’s too soon to be coming out of that lock down thing too, but judging by the noise coming through the window a lot of people don’t agree and are outside in the street, or across the road playing on the beach. My human caretakers are still limiting how much they go out though. Hope your Mam can find someone nice to come take care of her if she’s sick. Although, it would be even better if she doesn’t get sick at all, so really I hope she doesn’t get sick.

    I love seeing what kinds of yummy nibbles are on offer for breakfast. Mummy eats lots of veggies and things herself – eats pretty much only fruits and veggies from what I can tell, though she says that’s not all she eats – and I get a bit of any of it I’m allowed for breakfast. At the very least there’s some kind of veggie and some kind of herb (even if sometimes she’s only offering dried herbs). Sometimes, as a special treat, she even lets me have a bit of her fruit.

    Squeak soon,

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