Please ignore Roscoe

Hi everyone, Bertie here.

I don’t know what was up with Roscoe last week.  He’s exaggerating wildly, and it’s not fair on Mummy. He’s just being a drama queen at present, and nobody can say why. He bumped his nose in the week, and sat in the corner of his cage saying ‘woe is me’ and other things.  Mummy saw he was all fluffed up and took him to Dr Sally.  Dr Sally couldn’t find anything wrong with him either.  I think he had some Metacam and was better straight away.

Maybe Roscoe is just sensitive to all the things going on at present. Mummy explains everything to us, and we never go hungry, even if she’s away overnight.  And mostly when she goes away she takes us with her these days.

Mummy’s very busy with her books and with legal things, and anxious about things that nobody can do anything about. I heard her saying to Uncle James on the phone she was worried about having fresh veg for us this winter, because there won’t be any in the new garden.  Apparently famers in the UK can’t grow many lettuces in the winter, so there’ll be a shortage until the new import/export rules come in.

She’s been looking at the labels on our veggies now that autumn has come.  Cucumbers come from the Netherlands, along with peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. Lettuce mostly comes from Spain. Beans come from Italy or Egypt. I like beans but Roscoe and Neville still don’t eat them. Cabbage and kale comes from the UK, but we can’t have much of those.  The big bunches of herbs come from Italy, Spain or Belgium.  Mummy says that if we move to our new garden we might have to go without fresh veg for a few days a week, but she’ll look for dandelion leaves and things like that. She’s planted some pots and troughs of carrots, lettuce and kale to take with us. And there’s a big pot of lavender, and she’ll put some mint in a pot before it dies back.

So, don’t believe Roscoe when he says Mummy isn’t looking after us properly.  She says she’s also stockpiling hay and readigrass, just in case. Whatever that means.

See you next week.


Bertie xxxx


4 thoughts on “Please ignore Roscoe

  1. Now, that sounds more like your Mummy. Roscoe had me a bit worried, but the human caretakers were pretty sure Roscoe was exaggerating. I’m glad they were right. Anyway, me and the human caretakers hope there’s no veggie shortage. The Mummy human especially, since she’s what the humans call a vegan, so mostly only eats fruit and vegetables. Squeak soon, Joshua

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  2. Carol Gilbert

    Dear Bertie sounds like mommy’s going to have you well taken care of. I know a major move is always dramatic but mommy’s has you covered and loves you. You’ll be at home before you know it. Love from Pablo ,Bella, and Bear here in the us,

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  3. Hi Bertie! Change hits everyone differently, and perhaps Roscoe is extra sensitive. I am sure your Mum is doing everything she can to keep you guys comfortable, and maybe you’ll just have to give Roscoe some extra TLC and understanding. I know you will all muddle through just fine.
    Hugs from across the pond.

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