E is for Easter Eggs

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

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I’m a bit behind on the lettering, because EASTER was last weekend, but since Mam gave us Easter boxes, I thought I ought to say something about it.

It’s the same sort of yummy box that Mam gave us for Christmas, but this time she gave one each to Biggles and Bertie as well as one for Neville and me.  Hang on, that means we share, but they get one each.  That isn’t fair!

Oh, hang on, Mam’s just filled our up again with herby hay.  That’s okay then.  Right.

Mam had an Easter Egg in a box, but it was made from Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate. It smelled terrible.  I don’t know how she can eat that stuff.  Our boxes are filled with hay and made from lovely noisy grass-covered cardboard.  They sound and taste AMAZING!

They help us take lots of EXERCISE as we push them around in our runs. We also got out to EAT grass last week, which was also amazing

That’s enough Es from me.  I’m going to take it EASY 🙂

Bye for now. Special week next week – with TWO posts, Mam says.  She’s writing the second one.  Sounds EXCITING!

Roscoe xxx

4 thoughts on “E is for Easter Eggs

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Your Auntie needs to exercise more and eat less of that dark brown, smelly stuff. (It’s good that you don’t like it, because it’s very bad for pigs.)


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  2. Glad it all evened out, Roscoe. I had no idea you and your chums were so perspicacious about who gets what food! You might need to look up that word or ask your Mom. As for that dark smelly stuff she eats – it’s good for her.

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